Customer Information Sheet

The following information is for Customers and clients of DMD Autowerks.

Following Information is applicable to vehicles or components for all long term projects or work and short term work.

We endeavour to complete all projects in a timely manner, we do estimate time frames for completion for your Vehicle , we will only estimate a best case time frame and will do our best to complete your vehicle in this time although delays can occur examples of are listed below.

Delays often occur due to spare parts that are no longer available these may need to be fabricated, this takes some time to design and engineer the parts, for example vehicles imported from other countries, vehicles that were not manufactured in Australia, vehicles that are very old like a 1920’s – 1960’s car and so on.

Vehicles that are customised or are going to be customised ( being altered from the vehicles originally manufactured state ) do take a great deal more time than a standard Vehicle to complete as engineering the integration of differently designed parts will bring many issues that are not present when working on a completely standard vehicle.

We will carry out work according to your requests but we will not do any modification that is Dangerous, not in keeping with the laws that apply or are illegal in any way.

We will bring any illegal or unsafe modifications or situations that we see on your vehicle to your attention, we will work with you to come up with a solution in making the vehicle roadworthy and will involve the appropriately certified engineers to ensure all laws and safety are achieved.

All work requiring an engineers approval is accompanied by an appropriate certificate.
If a car has a modification carried out it will not be driven on a public road until a certificate is issued.

We will notify you (the customer) of work that must be carried out in order to obtain and ensure a quality result for your vehicle.

If we communicate to the customer an issue we find or a requirement that needs to be carried out in regards to work on the customers vehicle with the customer by email , emailed document or text message, we must have confirmation of your approval in the form of an email or text message. we will not carry out any work in regards to the Issue or requirement if you do not give approval. we will call you and also bring the requirement or issue to your / customers attention.

If we are designing and or engineering a component or related item for your vehicle and we only need to measure or inspect your vehicle and do not need the vehicle at our workshop for a long period, we may ask you to bring the vehicle to us to carry out this task or we may ask to visit the vehicle at your premises to carry this out.

If we are purely designing or engineering a component and need to inspect or measure your vehicle or related item for your vehicle and your vehicle is in a serviceable state, we cannot have your vehicle at our workshop after we are finished any inspection or measurement or related task due to limited space and safety issues.

After your Vehicle has been inspected measured etc, if your vehicle is unserviceable, and cannot be driven legally we will require you to remove it or bear the cost of its transport to and from our workshop.

Under all circumstances all towing will be at the owners or clients cost.

We will look after all vehicles whilst at our premises but customers cars will only be kept undercover if space is available or the vehicle has been recently painted by us and assembly is taking place. We will not store cars inside our premises for a long term period. We will store vehicles at our nearby warehouse if space is available and will notify you if we are considering moving your vehicle to this warehouse.

When carrying out any work on your vehicle, we charge for ALL our time and charges incurred or expended on materials and outsourced trades and services expended on your vehicle not limited to but including:
Ordering parts
Research required to order parts
Research, development , design , Drawings and measurement of parts or components in order to assess compatibility or final product.
Communicating and dealing with part and materials suppliers , engineers , toolmakers , machine shops, metal suppliers or any related supplier or trade.
Managing your Project or work
Administering your Project or work
Transport of your vehicle within Australia or to and from any other country including Towing , import administration, import, export administration, export , Customs, Quarantine, Ports Administration , the Department of roads and infrastructure , Maritime and roads authority or any other related entity.

If we have your vehicle for work to be carried out and we tell you of an issue affecting the quality, safety or integrity of your vehicle and we need you to give your approval for an item to be carried out and you have not agreed to or approved by email or text, this will mean we will not continue with the tasks that are affected , this will also mean that your vehicles scheduled period will be impacted and the scheduled time for your work may expire and lengthy delays may occur until the schedule allows re commencement on your vehicle. we will endeavour to continue working on your vehicle during this expired period on other items if we have time available in the schedule or until funds have been expended. we will not ask for any further funds for your project or work during this time that we have not had an approval from you.

If we cannot agree on an issue and do not have your approval which we were seeking for your vehicle and it is evident that we cannot move forward in the work or project, we will inform that we will not be working on your project any further and will ask you to remove your vehicle or components, we will assist the collection of the vehicle or Vehicles and or components.

If we cannot agree on an issue and do not have your approval which we were seeking for your vehicle and it is evident that we cannot move forward, any monies that may be outstanding and owing to DMD Autowerks will be requested from the customer.

If we cannot agree on an issue and do not have your approval which we were seeking for your vehicle and it is evident that we cannot move forward, funds not expended will be refunded to the customer.

We will not do any work that we cannot guarantee , we will tell you or contact you with any issue with your vehicle that will impact upon your cars integrity or the ability to ensure quality of your vehicle.

DMD Autowerks does out source some trades and services and at all times reserves the right to do so.

If you make payment or are going to make a payment to us we will issue you an invoice showing the amount of your payment. we will itemise the invoice when there are numerous items to list. we do not issue monthly statements but can supply a monthly updated copy of the vehicles general information sheet which lists all payments from our customers and our expenditure on parts, out of house labour and trades. some customers request that the Vehicles general information sheet be received by them at the completion of the work or project. we only issue an invoice if you do make any payment to us or have made any payment to us.

This Information sheet and the policies are given to all customers and may be revised from time to time in which case we will issue an updated version to reflect any changes in policy. if you do not agree to any of the policy we have issued to you on this sheet above please contact us so we can discuss with you.